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Yoga Classes:

Private classes


Currently all my classes are online.

My one to one classes are ideal for all levels- begginers and advanced students.


Private sessions are the most beneficial for a student. The private client receives a choice between a 60 minute or 90 minute class tailored to their needs and tempo. Adjustments (although currently verbally online) are given throughout a class to accurately align the body, deepen the practice and gain more flexibility.




for further information.



Beginners/ all levels

I generally teach Ashtanga & vinyasa yoga classes at the studios I teach for: More Yoga London, Yoga Loft London and The movement Sanctuary Mumbai. A  for beginners is for those newly practising.


Everyone has to start somewhere in life & Yoga for beginners is a good place to start if youve never practiced Ashtanga or vinyasa before. Many people think Ashtanga Yoga is the "difficult yoga" but no one was born standing on their heads (well almost but not quite) and no one expects you to.


In my guided beginners class gives you the opportunity to take the practice at a slower pace than advanced classes. Easy variation poses are practised which are accessible for all. Classes are energising, fun and friendly and allow you to take rest whenever you wish.

Intermediate and advanced classes are designed

for those who have been practising Vinyasa & Ashtanga primary series regulary and other styles of dynamic yoga: Hatha, power yoga or hot yoga, who do mysore self practice and also for those who practise the Astanga second series.


These classes are designed to be more dynamic, up tempo classes and combine more challenging postures and adjustments (to enhance and develop your practice).



Movement Sanctuary Studio Mumbai 

More Yoga Studio


Public studio classes


Camden, Hackney, Aldgate, Bermondsey

 YOGA LOFT Queens Park London



- @ More yoga

 - @ Yoga Loft London

Contact me directly for:

Private classes

Classes in the workplace

Group classes

Sweaty Betty

Ledbury Rd, Nottinghill, London.

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